Nashville Area Outdoor Family Fun

Nashville has lots of wonderful places to enjoy the outdoors. Parks, playscapes, natural areas and more – I’m sure there are great places to explore near you.

Have several days to play? Check out our 5 day staycation plans for preschoolers, school aged kids and teens!

Outdoor Fun Centers

These outdoor fun centers have several options for go kart racing, mini-golf, driving ranges, batting cages and more outdoor recreational sports.


Parks and Playgrounds

There are more than a hundred playgrounds scattered through Middle Tennessee. If you live in Davidson county, find one nearby on this HUGE list of parks in Nashville. For those in surrounding counties, there are lots of options on this list of parks and playgrounds in Middle Tennessee. Get more details on the parks we’ve visited included pictures and a list of amenities in the articles below.


Museums and Gardens

Nashville has some amazing gardens to explore, historic homes to visit, and outdoor museums that are great destinations when the weather is warm.


Natural Areas

Middle Tennessee is full of trails to walk, lakes to swim in, and recreational areas to visit. Take your family out for a hike next time you have a free weekend. Here are some suggestions of places we love to explore.

Farms, Orchards, and Agricultural Fun


Cedar Creek Recreation Area

Cedar Creek Recreation area is a great family fun spot in Wilson County. The location on Old Hickory Lake includes a boat ramp and a campground. But the best part is the…

The Fountains at Gateway Park

Not long ago, I heard another mom mentioning that they had taken their kids to “the fountains” the night before and how much fun they had. The fountains? What’s that?…

Long Hunter State Park

Long Hunter State Park is located on Percy Priest lake in Hermitage, TN. This address is deceptive though as the park lies between Mt Juliet and Antioch. It’s easy to…

Gateway Island

Gateway Island is a fabulous venue in Murfreesboro, TN. Due to the picturesque quality of this place, there are days when it is closed for private events. So make sure…

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