Honeysuckle Hill Farm

Honeysuckle Hill Farm is a great place for fall family fun.  Located in Springfield, TN it should be fairly accessible for almost anyone in the middle Tennessee area. 

During the Fall season, the farm has several employees to direct you to parking areas.  Depending on how busy they are, you may be in for a bit of a walk and some of the areas are unpaved (because it’s a farm!) so a stroller could be a challenge.

Right outside of the admission gate, there is a market where you can purchase pumpkins.  You can shop there without buying a ticket to the farm.  They carry every conceivable size, shape, color and variety of pumpkin.  It was impressive 🙂

Directly outside of the admission area is a great place to get a picture.  I saw several families enlist the help of a farm employee here so don’t forget to dress cute! 

Just inside the  entrance, you will find the bathrooms.  They are clean and well stocked.  On the other side of the bathrooms is a “Sweets and Treats” shop where you can purchase jams, butters, honey, souvenir t-shirts and concession items.  Caramel apples, soft drinks, cotton candy and other items are for sale here. 

My kids went bananas for the kettle corn so give it a try.  You will also find the corn box in this area.  This was by far the most popular area with the preschool population. 

The one at Honeysuckle Hill is actually more of a large metal dumpster type box.  Don’t let the ‘dumpster’ word scare you.  It’s good, clean, ‘corny’ fun.  (Get the kids picture made first though because they will be filthy before the day is through.) 

Behind the corn box you will find the “Tennessee Twister”.  A place where your child can pretend to be a hamster…or something.

Next you will enter the Back Forty Playground.  This area is huge.  Here you will find the ‘Pumpkin Blasters’, a tire mountain and a pedal cart track.  The zip line starts in this area and the corn maze is directly behind.

The corn maze is a lot of fun.  You can choose to just wander through (as we did) or  to follow clues and do it as a very organized hike.  The maze is huge so prepare for lots of walking. 

The Zip line runs directly over the maze so that provides another bit of entertainment as you make your way through the corn. Just in front of the corn maze, you will find the loading area for the hay ride. 

The wagon is large and comfortable and easy to get in and out of. It holds A LOT of people so don’t be discouraged if the line is long.  We were there on a very busy Sunday afternoon and we only had a fifteen minute wait. 

The hay ride takes you to the pumpkin field where you can pick a perfect (tiny) pumpkin.  The pumpkin is included with your farm admission.  The hay rides run continuously so if you need more time in the patch for pictures or pumpkin hunting, you can just catch the next wagon that comes by. The other attraction in this area is the Corn Popper.

Trust me here.  Find a seat in front of this deal because you are gonna be there for awhile. This is basically a huge bubble type surface that you and/or your kids can jump on.  Only a set number of people can jump at one time.  Again, the line was long but the wait was tolerable. 

If you can convince your kids to leave this area (Good Luck!) then you will pass a gemstone mining area that leads to the other side of the farm. There you will find a crawl through hay maze, a sand pit, swings, a tractor tire playground and the Spider Slide and the Monster Rippler.

 Right across from the slides is a pond where you will find duck races and cow train rides.

There are lots of benches and picnic tables throughout this area.  If you have a school age child, I think you could be perfectly content to grab a bench and let them play in this area.  If you have a younger child, this is going to be more of a challenge. 

There is lots to entertain them but it is a large open area so stay close 🙂 Directly behind this play area, you will find the petting zoo.  This is set up in a large circle.  Bunnyville is right in the middle. 

Ever met a kid who didn’t like bunnies?  Of course you haven’t!  There are several different animals in the pens surrounding the area including pigs, cows and chickens.

Don’t miss an opportunity to take your family to Honeysuckle Hill Farm.  Play in the corn box, watch a pig race and eat a caramel apple.  There are not many better ways to celebrate fall in Tennessee.

Honeysuckle Hill Farm

Address: 1765 Martins Chapel Church Rd, Springfield, TN 37172

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