Pratt’s Orchard

Pratt’s Orchard is located in eastern Wilson County. It is a quick drive from Nashville down I-40 or a scenic drive through Lebanon with farms and rolling hills. Either way its worth it for a chance to pick apples!

We headed out on a Saturday afternoon. The farm is easy to find (a map link is at the bottom of the page) with a large white sign with a red apple – you can’t miss it. Once in drive up a hill and there is parking and a small store on the left. You will be met by Jack or Jessie Pratt and they will tell you where in the orchard to pick.

The trees are in long rows and each row is a different type of apple. Different types ripen starting in early August typically and continue through September. They have Gala, Mutsu, Yellow Delicious, Winesap, Arkansas Black and Fuji. The Pratts will give you a guide to the trees on a small slip of paper to take with you so you know the difference. You will also be given a basket with plastic bags to put your apples in. Red wagons and green garden carts are there to use as well.

There are paths through the trees but there are some areas of taller grass so closed toed shoes and socks would probably be most comfortable. There were also a few spots of mud but the Pratts had covered them with straw to make it easier to get around. It is a very kid friendly orchard. There is a porta-potty if the need arises as well.

Pratt's Orchard - portapotty

Once you are finished picking bring your bounty back to the small house and the Pratts will weigh them. It is (2014 prices) $1/pound. There are also 5 rows of peach trees that are available for picking in July as well. The whole orchard is open to all ages.

Pratt's Orchard - our bounty 2

Family Fun Facts:

Pratt’s Orchard (Map)

When: Peaches – July

Apples – Aug through Sept.

See the Facebook page for daily opening hours and picking forecasts or call (615) 444-7742

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