Circle S Berry Farm

Circle S was established in 1839 and the current farmer, Donnie Steed is the eighth generation of his family to work this land. He grew up on the farm, which at the time was mostly cattle and hogs.

After college he worked construction with his family and when his Dad decided to retire in 2010 Donnie decided to try farming as a full time job. He started with 2000 strawberry plants and added different crops and complementary services through the years.

This year Donnie planted 41,000 chandler strawberry plants, has 600 Arapaho and Apache blackberry bushes as well as 1200 Rabbiteye blueberry bushes.

In addition to the berries Donnie hosts school tours, raises cattle and grows Christmas trees on more than 500 acres. Recently, Circle S opened a beautiful wedding venue so if your dream has been to get married on a historic farm be sure to check out their website.

The strawberries are typically ready the first part of May and the blueberries and blackberries follow in June. It is a great choice for families with kids who like to pick for a few minutes and then want to do something else. My kids enjoy picking for about 15 min (and I’m never done when they are). Circle S has an area visible from all the different berry fields that kids can play in a sand area, swing on swings and climb on an old tractor. There is also a large picnic shelter to have a snack in the shade and clean bathrooms are available.

Circle S operates on an honor system. There is a small shed where you can grab a basket and head out to the fields. When you finish you pay based on the gallon pail you picked in. Prices are on a board on the wall and there is a box to put your payment in. Be sure to have cash or checks.

Circle S Berry Farm - Berries we picked

The farm also has a cooler that you can get other fresh goodies from. They sell vegetables through the season and you can also buy homemade jams and eggs.

Be sure to follow the farm on Facebook for picking forecasts and the latest updates.

Family Fun Facts

Circle S Farm (Map)

Hours: 7 AM to 7 PM seven days a week during berry season

Cost: Prices depend based on the berry you are picking

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