The Fountains at Gateway Park

Not long ago, I heard another mom mentioning that they had taken their kids to “the fountains” the night before and how much fun they had.

The fountains? What’s that? After some looking around online I finally found some vague information about something called The Fountains at Gateway Park. This is a development in Murfreesboro that is slated to be a place where locals can live, work & play…all in the same place.

The plans include an apartment complex, restaurants, 24/7 gym, and office space. The main attraction for my 5 year old, though? THE FOUNTAINS! 

We loaded up and had a wonderful picnic on the super soft faux grass green way. We sprawled out and listened to the relaxing music coming through the speakers above us.

After bellies were full, we ran around the fountains. It was fun, but…not nearly as fun as it was once the sun went down. The super bright color changing lights coming up through the fountains was an absolute BLAST!

If you’re looking for a spot to have a fun evening for FREE, where you can cool off and relax, without a huge crowd…this place will be your new favorite destination!

Family Fun Facts

The Fountains of Gateway Park – (Map)

Open from 10am – 10pm every day in the Summer. Fountains are turned on and off at the discretion of the maintenance crew .

Cost : Free

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Crystal was born and raised, and now raising a family of her own in Middle Tennessee. She currently lives in Murfreesboro with her husband Glenn, and their three children; Hunter, Grayson, and Hailey. They are an unschooling family, meaning they spend lots and lots of time out and about exploring all that this area has to offer!

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