Playgrounds in Nashville & Davidson County

Nashville and Davidson County are home to a lot of playgrounds.  Inclusion on this list only means that some sort of playspace exists in the named park. It might be a huge play area or it could be a lone swing set.   If we have visited the park, you can find our review with pictures at the link. Eventually, we will get to all these parks and be able to tell and show you exactly what you can expect.  Until then, pick a new place and see what you find.  It might end up being your kid’s favorite place!

You can find even more parks in other Middle Tennessee counties including Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, and Wilson by clicking here.

Antioch Park (Map)

Bellevue Park (Map)

Bordeaux Gardens Park (Map)

Bordeaux Timothy Park Dr (Map)

Cane Ridge Park (Map)

Cecil Rhea Crawford Park (Map)

Cedar Hill Park (Map)

Cedar Hill Park playscape, one of many playgrounds in Nashville
This playground by the lake is one of two playscapes at Cedar Hill Park.

Centennial Park (Map)

Charlotte Park (Map)

Cleveland Park (Map)

Clinton B. Fisk Park (Map)

Cook Day Use Area (Map)  $4 fee per car

Cumberland Park (Map)

Cumberland Park - See-saw - one of many playgrounds in Nashville
This unique play area is across the River from downtown Nashville.

E.S. Rose Park (Map)

East Park (Map)

Eastland Park (Map)

Edwin Warner Park (Map)

Elmington Park (Map)

England Park (Map)

Fannie Mae Dees (Dragon) Park (Map)

Fannie Mae Dees Park - Dragon
See Nashville’s Famous Dragon at Fannie Mae Dees Park

Flora Wilson Community Park (Map)

Fort Negley (Map)

Granbery Park (Map)

Green Hills Park (Map)

Hadley Park (Map)

Hamilton Creek Park (Map)

Harpeth Knoll Park (Map)

Hermitage Park (Map)

Hermitage Park playscape, one of the many playgrounds in Nashville
The playscape at Hermitage Park has some shade at certains times of the day.

Hope Gardens Park (Map)

Isaac Litton School Park (Map)

J. C. Napier Park (Map)

Joelton Park (Map)

Kirkpatrick Park (Map)

Lakewood Park (Map)

Lock 2 Park (Map)

Louise and Rebecca Dudley Park (Map)

Madison Park (Map)

McCabe Park (Map)

Mc Ferrin Park (Map)

McKissack Park (Map)

Mildred Shute Minipark (Map)

Morgan Park (Map)

Oakwood Park (Map)

OHUD Community Center (Map)

Old Hickory Beach Recreation Area (Map)  $4 fee per car

Paradise Ridge Park (Map)

Paragon Mills Park (Map)

Parkwood Park (Map)

Parmer Park (Map)

Percy Warner Park (Map)

Providence Park (Map)

R. H. Boyd-Preston Taylor Park (Map)

Reservoir Park (Map)

Reservoir Park Nashville - Swings
Reservoir Park has some great swings!

Richard W. Hartman Park (Map)

Richland Park (Map)

Seven Oaks Park (Map)

Sevier Park (Map)

Shelby Bottoms Park (Map)

Shelby Bottoms playscape
This giant playscape is right in the middle of Shelby Bottoms Park.

Shelby Park (Map)

South Inglewood Park (Map)

Tom Joy Park (Map)

Tony Rose Park (Map)

Turner School Park (Map)

Two Rivers Park (Map)

Una Recreation Park (Map)

Watkins Park (Map)

West Park (Map)

William A. Pitts Park (Map)

William Coleman Park (Map)

William Whitfield Park (Map)

Willow Creek Park (Map)

Woodmont Park (Map)

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