What Will You Discover at the Old Hickory Trail?

I really enjoy going out for nature walks but since kids appeared on the scene it has been difficult. Not many trails are stroller friendly. But I was lucky enough to find a trail system that is not only stroller friendly, but also great for little ones to walk and explore too!

Old Hickory Lake Trail - boy pushing stroller on a paved walking trail

Old Hickory trail is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. The main trail is paved and shaded. And at 0.3 of a mile, it might be enough for a little one.

Old Hickory Trail - map of the trail

Venture off the beaten path and check out the three different environmental loops. Each is different. We heard frogs and saw lots of butterflies on our most recent trip.

There were also LOTS of mosquitoes. Make sure to take some bug spray. When we visited in April there were no bugs to contend with so you may want to take the season into account when you go.

Willow Swamp Loop

Willow Swamp Loop

The Willow Swamp loop is our favorite. It has a long wooden boardwalk over a “swampy” area. You never know what you might see. Keep quiet and keep a look out for animals big and small.

Woodland Loop

The Woodland Loop is nicely shaded and relatively flat. While the main trail is paved, the nature trails are not. We made it with our big Greco stroller, but Tamzin did get bumped around some.

A jogging stroller would probably be a better choice if you have it, or your little one could walk too. All the trails are flat and wide and toddler friendly.

Old Hickory Trail - dirt trail shaded by trees on the Woodland Loop

Nearby Bathrooms

Old Hickory Trail Bathrooms

 If nature calls, there are bathrooms across the parking lot from the entrance of the trail.

Watch Tugboats in the Old Hickory Lock

Old Hickory Lake Lock

Bring a snack to enjoy after your hike and check out Old Hickory Lock – which can provide its own entertainment. If you happen to be there at the right time you can watch a barge transit the lock.  The lock is located at mile 216.6 of the Cumberland River.

Old Hickory Trail - map showing where in Nashville the park is located.

Old Hickory Trail

Address: 1188 Cinder Rd, Old Hickory, TN 37138

Click for Website

Hours: Open during daylight

Cost: Free

While we love this trail, there are other options to explore in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Check out this list of Greenways and Greenbelts for more places to go walking and hiking.

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