Country Music Hall of Fame

Whether you’re a Nashvillian or visiting our fabulous city, The Country Music Hall of Fame should be on your “must see” list.

Where to Park

Located in the heart of downtown Nashville and just a block from the Broadway stretch, the Hall of Fame is a treat for your eyes and ears.  This “Smithsonian for country music” is dedicated to preserving country music’s history all the while shining light to the industry’s ever evolving talent.

Your first challenge will be parking.  There are several paid lots surrounding the Hall of Fame. Make sure you pay for at least 4 hours of parking so you don’t have to rush through your tour.  Several lots offer discounts to Hall of Fame tours.  You can find those locations at this link. (scroll down to the bottom).

The entrance to the Hall of  Fame leads directly into a huge open courtyard area.  To your right is an information booth and The Museum Store.  If you are in the market for country music and Nashville souvenirs, then don’t miss this store!

The middle of the courtyard is filled with tables where you can relax or have a meal.  There is a small cafe in front that sells snacks and drinks.  To the far left, you will find the ticket booth.  There are several ticket packages available.  You may choose to tour the Hall of Fame only or you can also add the RCA Studio B Tour and/or the audio tour with Bill Cody to enhance your experience.

RCA Studio B Tour and Celebrity Audio Tour

I would really urge you to take advantage of both these ‘extras’.  The RCA Studio B Tour is just amazing.  It was the highlight of our visit.  See our review of the tour here.  The celebrity audio tour will really enhance your tour experience.  Don’t even try to tell me that doesn’t interest you. 🙂 The handheld wand has a built in speaker that you just hold up to your ear.  It is much easier to use than the models that use headphones.

Touring the Museum

To enter the museum, you will first have to take an elevator to the third floor.  Straight ahead is the Taylor Swift Education Center.  

This was certainly my daughters favorite as she got to write song lyrics, post them on the wall, and get to see outfits worn by Taylor Swift!  

Taylor Swift's costume
Taylor Swift Education Center

After dragging my daughter out of here, we walked through a smaller exhibit that is currently dedicated to Brooks & Dunn.  While I loved seeing all their awards, my husband drooled over the motorcycle.

Brooks and Dunn
Brooks & Dunn

We then proceeded through the main hallway.  This hallway is a permanent collection showcasing country music from it’s origins to the 1960s.  The display floor is huge.  There are instruments, costumes and even cars on display.

Elvis Presley's Cadillac
Elvis Presley

As you tour the exhibit, you will see several kiosks along the way.  These unique areas each highlight a different song with significance in the evolution of country music.  

The kiosks are designed to block out outside noise so you can really experience the song.  If you do this tour with a ‘real’ music lover, you won’t be able to drag them out of these spots.

Minnie Pearl's famous outfit
Minnie Pearl

There are lots of interactive displays scattered throughout the museum. There is a spot with seats and computer monitors where your child can design a costume or watch video clips.  It is about halfway through the museum so it’s also a great spot to sit and relax a bit.  This area faces the wall of gold records.  This massive display is simply amazing.  Several of the records will actually play the song they represent!

Wall of Records
Wall of Records

The museum tour actually covers two floors.  Elevators are large and plentiful so wheelchair and strollers will give you no problems on this tour.

As you continue the tour through the second floor, you will see more of the ‘modern’ era of country music, from the 1960s to today.  This was my favorite part, as I was able to recognize the artists and take a trip through memory lane.  

Porter Wagoner
Porter Wagoner

Currently, there is a new exhibit called “American Currents”.  As a family, we agreed this was worth the trip.  Not only is there a wall-size guitar for a great photo-up, there’s also a “tour bus” where you can record your own little demo!  What we loved most about this section was so many artists were displayed here, such as Keith Urban, Reba McEntire, Florida Georgia Line, Chris Stapleton, and more!

Guitar Wall

In short, the Country Music Hall of Fame is a great place for family fun.  My kids (ages 11-14) really enjoyed it. The Country Music Hall of Fame is the kind of place that makes me really proud of Nashville.

Family Fun Facts

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (Map)

Hours : Open daily from 9AM – 5PM

General Admission

Adults – $25.95

Kids (ages 6-17) – $15.95

Kids (ages 5 and under ) – Free

Museum Experience: Personal audio guide by Bill Cody from WSM 

Adults – $27.95

Kids (ages 6-17) – $18.95

Kids (ages 5 and under ) – Free

Hatch Experience 

One of the oldest letterpress print shops in America and a true Nashville icon.

Adults – $40.95

Kids (ages 6-17) – $28.95

Kids (ages 5 and under ) – Free

Studio B Experience 

Historic RCA Studio B Tour & Museum

Adults – $40.95

Kids (ages 6-17) – $30.95

Kids (ages 5 and under ) – Free

FREE Locals Admission

Check out how locals can get FREE admission thanks to partnership between Nashville Public Libraries and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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