RCA Studio B Tour

Despite being a lifelong Middle Tennessee resident, I am embarrassed to admit that I had never visited the world famous Studio B in the heart of Music City.

Fortunately, they reached out last week and asked if we’d like to come out for a tour and I happily replied, ABSOLUTELY!

This special tour is available only as an add-on to your Country Music City Hall of Fame admission. Tickets are purchased at the Hall of Fame and includes transportation to Studio B in their fancy blue bus! What kid doesn’t love a bus ride?

Once you arrive at the Studio you’ll enter the main lobby which includes lots and lots of pictures of familiar faces. Dolly Parton, the Everly Brothers, Jimmy Reeves, Dottie West, Willie Nelson and of course, the King himself, Elvis Presley, have all graced the entryway of this building over the years. 

Your tour guide will take some time talking about the people you see in the photos, all while playing some of their greatest hits over the speakers. This is a great opportunity to have a little dance party with the kids! They’ll either love it and dance along or be absolutely mortified. Either way – you’ll have fun!

The next part of the tour takes place just outside of the main studio. There is a short video presentation that you definitely want to pay attention to. The video shows actual footage of Jimmy Reeves recording in Studio B!

Recording at Studio B

Be sure to point out some of the features in the video (that tile floor, for instance) so that your kids can see the similarities when they enter the studio.

Inside the Studio

Upon entering Studio B you’ll take a seat for the rest of the tour. One unique feature of the room is the lighting. Apparently, Elvis Presley requested that mutli-colored lights, of red, green and blue, be installed throughout. He reportedly used the different lighting to create the ambiance he desired when recording, and it varied depending on the song.

Our guide also told us about one particular night, when Elvis was in the studio and just couldn’t get the feeling right no matter what he tried. He eventually, after almost everyone had left for the night, turned out every single light in the room and recorded one of his most famous hits. I don’t want to give it away, you’ll have to visit Studio B to find out the rest of this story. 

I will tell you, that sitting in almost complete darkness, listening to that song, in the very room it was recorded, was absolutely one of the coolest experiences of my lifetime! My kids might not have had as much of an emotional experience as I did, but they thought it was “really cool” none the less. Any mom of teenagers will tell you – that’s worth the price of admission right there!

Hours : Studio tours depart daily hourly from the Country Music Hall of Fame from 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM.  Tickets can be purchased online at this link.

Family Fun Facts

RCA Studio B Tour

Address: 1611 Roy Acuff Pl, Nashville, TN 37203

The tour leaves from the Country Music Hall of Fame: 222 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

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**Note : The RCA Studio B Tour is VERY popular. Make plans and try to buy tickets in advance to secure a tour spot especially during the summer months.**

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