WonderWorks – Family Fun in Pigeon Forge, TN

Have you ever seen the upside down building along the parkway in Pigeon Forge and wondered – What is Wonderworks?  Wonderworks is a blast for both adults and kids.  It’s like a science museum with some awesome things that you can’t find here in Nashville.   There are so many cool activities you can participate in.  But first, take my advice, make sure you wear tennis shoes as many of the exhibits require them.  You can:

  • Have electricity come to your hand in a metal glove (you don’t feel a thing but you can hear it)
  • Feel what hurricane winds would be like
  • Climb a rock wall
  • Stick your hand in water that’s as cold as it was on the night of the Titanic – and see how long you can keep it in there
  • See how high you can jump
  • Play Basketball
  • Lay on a bed of nails
  • make gigantic bubbles
  • and soooo much more.

One of our family’s favorite ones was the Extreme 360.  There are height/weight limits so check out their site for that information.  Two people get on a cycle and they pedal as fast as they can and it swings the cycle completely over the bar.

WonderWorks - on the 360 ride

They also really like the glow in the dark ropes course, but sometimes the line can be long.

NFFF - WonderWorks - Ropes Course

But our all time favorite was the Mindball.  The Adventure Science Center has something similar but this one takes it up a couple notches.  Two people get on either side of the tube and put the contraption on their foreheads.  Inside the tube is a ball that starts off in the middle and the calmer you can make your brain waves the more it will move to the other person’s side.  The first person to get it all the way to the end of the other’s side wins.  What is really fascinating is they have a screen where you can watch their brain waves and see just how much someone can calm their mind.  Thank goodness for us it was a slow day because we played with this a lot.

NFFF - Wonderworks - Mind Ball

There is a Magic Show daily. If you are interested, be sure to check the show times. We were there earlier in the day and couldn’t make the show later that afternoon.  We did get to go through the Magician’s collection of magic memorabilia that gives you an insight of the history of magic.

The other thing we did not get to do was the hot hair balloon ride.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating, so they weren’t offering it that day.  It will only operate when it’s not windy or raining, so you really can’t plan on going until you get there to see if they are open.

If your still looking for more fun after you tour all the exhibits, there is a game room and snack bar. Overall, it’s just a fun experience for both kids and adults!

Family Fun Facts

WonderWorks – Pigeon Forge, TN (Map)

Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM, 365 days a year

Cost: Adults start at $27.99 and kids start at $18.99 – see all choices HERE

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