The Lego Store at Opry Mills

I share my house with more Lego than I know what to do with. Not only is my son crazy about the little plastic blocks, so is my husband. And now, my daughter is getting into Duplo. So, any trip to Opry Mills Mall always includes a pilgrimage to the Lego Store.

In addition to checking out the latest sets, there are several opportunities to build right in the store.Our visits usually last at least an hour. There are computer stations to play Lego games. In the middle of the computer table is a bucket of Lego that you are welcome to play with for as long as you like.

Lego Store computers

Feel like building and then taking something home? Try the Minifigure area – for $10 you can build and take home 3 custom characters. Make sure you join the V.I.P. Club before you purchase anything – you earn points for every dollar spent and for every 100 points you earn a $5 certificate to use at the store.

Lego Store - building

The store hosts a monthly Mini Model Build on the First Tuesday of every month. You can register online, starting on the 15th of the month prior to the event at 9 AM eastern. When registration opens, pick your time and save your spot. Each month is different and FREE! Check out the link here to find out what is being built this month.

If you have a HUGE Lego fan like I do, and don’t mind spending some money, there is a Lego Builders’ club. Check the calendar for dates and times – the themes vary every month. I have seen Lego City, Lego Star Wars and even the new Lego Friends aimed at girls. You must sign up in advance and it is $25 per child ($20 if you are a VIP member) but you get a great set to take home.

And if you didn’t get enough family fun at the store, you can have Lego fun delivered to your house for FREE! Subscribe to the Lego Club magazine here and get it for your child (Lego Jr. Magazine for under 7s) for 2 years. It usually has a comic book style episode, building ideas and contests.

Family Fun Facts

Opry Mills Lego Store

416 Opry Mills Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, (Map)

Hours: Monday – Saturday  10AM – 9PM   Sunday  11 AM to 6 PM

Cost: Free to play, sets typically start at $10 and go up

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