ICE! At Gaylord Opryland

ICE! is back for the 2022 Holiday season in Nashville! This wonderful attraction has been a tradition at Gaylord Opryland since 2001, but during 2020 and 2021 it was temporarily replaced with alternative activities due to Covid. The magnificent scenes are carved from over 2 million pounds of ice by a team of 40 artisans who fly in all the way from Harbin, China! Getting them safely to the states just wasn’t an option during the height of the pandemic, but we are so excited to finally see their beautiful work on display once again this Holiday season.

“ICE! is back at Gaylord Opryland. Don our signature blue parka and step into a wonderland carved by expert artisans out of two million pounds of colorful ice. See the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with larger-than-life sculptures and plunge down slides made entirely of ice in this Gaylord Hotels original experience.”

– Gaylord Opryland Hotel

How Cold Is It?

Very, very cold. In fact, the entire ICE! event area is kept at a blistery 9° in order to ensure the sculptures stay looking their best! All guests are provided Gaylord Opryland’s signature blue parkas to help keep warm, included with admission. These parkas are calf-length, winter coats with hoods. Parkas are available in all sizes, including children and infants, up to an adult 4XL. Even with the provided outerwear, you’ll want to dress warm for the occasion.

I suggest warm hats, gloves, warm socks, warm pants (maybe even some leggings or long johns underneath your pants), and warm shoes. The entire event area is carpeted, so boots aren’t necessary, but warm shoes are a must. Just imagine you’re dressing for a fun Nashville sledding day!

What To Expect

Your ICE experience starts with a short film about how the exhibit is made and the logistics behind how the ice is transported, carved and installed. For me, this really makes the experience even more impressive as you walk through.

Gaylord Opryland ICE entry video

You also have a chance to touch the ice and feel how cold it is. From this area you will be welcomed into the start of ICE!

2019 touch the ice

Ice Scenes

The majority of ICE! is the walk-through where you’ll be able to see the story of Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys come to life with magnificent lights, colors, and sounds.

There are SO MANY amazing photo opportunities, and your kids will even have a chance to push the big button and make Rudolph’s nose glow! If your kids have never seen this classic Christmas movie, you’ll definitely want to watch it with them before you make your visit. That way they’ll recognize all of the characters they see like Hermey the Elf (who just wanted to be a Dentist), Yukon Corelius, the Spotted Elephant, and of course Bumble!

Ice Slides

Who says the kids should have all the fun? The Ice Slides in Rudolph’s Island of Misfit Toys is for everyone of every age! There are 4 slides with fun lights as you go down. There is no limit to the number of times you can go on the slides, but keep in mind that it is very cold and the lines can get long on the weekends. Another reminder to dress warm! Most guests will spend an average of 20-40 minutes inside of the ICE! attraction.

Warm Up in the Gift Store and Build-A-Bear Souvenir Station

After you get out of the cold and surrender your blue parka check out the gift store. There is even hot chocolate available to purchase to warm up after your ICE adventures.

While there your kids can even check out the beloved Build-A-Bear station and create a one of kind souvenir to take home and remember their special day at Gaylord Opryland. These precious stuffed animals start at just $25 and are really fun to make!

After you visit ICE! be sure to see the other holiday displays, lights, activities and rides available at Gaylord Opryland for the holidays.

If you want more ideas to celebrate Christmas in Nashville, check out our full guide to Holiday Fun in Middle Tennessee.

Family Fun Facts

Running November 11, 2022 – January 1, 2023

Tickets: Range from $22.99 to $29.99 depending on your age and options selected. Children 3 and under are free with a paid adult admission. Check out the Gaylord Opryland socials on Facebook & Instagram for occasional discount codes throughout the season.

We always choose to forego the paid parking and park at the Opry Mills Mall and walk over. It is a super short walk from the parking lot (the lot nearest the Grand Ole Opry) to the Pine Top Village area where the ICE! entrance is located.

Prices and times vary based on the day you plan to visit throughout the season.

Tickets must be purchased online in advance, no tickets sold on site. You can view ticket prices, view schedules, and make your purchase, via this link.

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Crystal was born and raised, and now raising a family of her own in Middle Tennessee. She currently lives in Murfreesboro with her husband Glenn, and their three children; Hunter, Grayson, and Hailey. They are an unschooling family, meaning they spend lots and lots of time out and about exploring all that this area has to offer!

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  1. My boyfriend and I plan to go this weekend after church. I just looked at the tickets I purchased a couple days ago and it says “(12/15/2019, 10:00 am CST)” Do we have to be there at 10 am in order to go through the exhibit or can we go anytime while they are open?

  2. Avoid the “discounted” ICE parking with shuttle. The cost is unknown to you until you exit by credit card only. $20.00 Some discount.

  3. We plan on going on the 15th and I want the whole family to go I have a 5 month old I was wondering if anyone knew if it will be too cold for the baby?

    • It is 9 degrees inside ICE. I have seen babies inside and they are wrapped up in their own coats and then have a blue coat from ICE over the top. You can bring them in a stroller. My hands and feet get cold first so I have worn 2 pairs of gloves and two layers of socks in the past.

  4. Can anyone please tell us where to park for free when going to ICE ?
    We are in Nashville for the first time ever and going tomorrow. And the awesome tips above I am clicking on the words in RED but it does not bring me to a link as to “where to park for free” thanks so much, can anyone help?

  5. We are looking at going tomorrow.’ Do the tickets allow you to come in and out as you wish or is it more of a one time and done deal?

    • I wear jeans, a sweater and then a fleece jacket along with a hat, 2 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of gloves. If you are planning to do all the activities, I think the full day passes give you a discount. 🙂

  6. The link for ‘free parking’ is dead. Can you please post where to park for free. We went last year and spent $25.00 per vehicle for our family to park – that was $50 for 2 vehicles (10 people). That’s outrageous!

  7. Walkind around Opryland Hotel has always been a favorite. My husband and I had our first date there in 2002. We try to go around the same day every year!

  8. The best thing about Christmas in Nashville is the diverse and plentiful activities of which to partake without unbearably cold temps! ☃🏂🎄🎅🏻

  9. There is so much to do and see in Nashville at Christmas time! Some things get pricey but you can also find free/cheap things as well.

    • I love how you explain all the info about this event. We just moved here from Atlanta so we may visit but wondered I have a 17, 16 and 11year old. I’m thinking they wouldn’t be enthralled lol

  10. Is there a weight limit on the slides and are there bigger sizes for the parkas. My husband is a large man lol. Not fat just large lol. I always like to make sure before they say sir ….

    • Hi Delia, I reached out the the hotel and Parkas are available in sizes 2T to 3X. Blankets are available for babies and guests in wheelchairs.
      Long pants, hats and gloves are recommended. Closed-toed shoes (no heels) are required on the ice slides. So, I think you husband should be fine to enjoy ICE!

  11. How long does it take to go through the exhibit? How long would a typical wait be to enter. We are looking at going Dec 26th. Not sure if this is one of the busy days or not.

    • The wait will depend on when you go. Midweek will be much faster than a weekend. Once you get in, you can stay as long as you would like, but the cold usually gets to us after about 30 minutes.

    • We will be coming on a bus tour to ICE. My friend is a in a wheelchair. Could she have 2 blankets? She gets really cold, really fast and doesn’t warm up well. How long is the tour if we just walked through without stopping? Thank you.

    • Hi Joyce, Call the Gaylord Opryland Hotel directly and ask your questions. I’ve never seen blankets, but that doesn’t mean they are not available to someone in a wheel chair. Their number is 615-889-1000.

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