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After two weeks of standardized testing and rainy weekends, the kids in my house were desperate for a diversion.   Skate Center Smyrna was a perfect solution.

Often indoor family fun options don’t include lots of physical activity.   But roller skating is great active entertainment that you can enjoy rain or shine.
Skate Center Smyrna offers lots of open skate times plus special times for designated groups.   You can find a complete schedule at this link.

We visited on a Sunday afternoon during a family open skate time.  There were lots of people skating but it wasn’t an overwhelming crowd considering the weather and day.

Once we paid admission, we were able to enter the center.   The skate shop is immediately to your right.   This is where you can buy skates of your own or laces, wheels,  or other accessories.  Past the skate shop is an ATM and bathrooms.

On the other side of the bathrooms are two rooms for birthday parties.  (There is one more party room on the opposite side of the rink.)

The skate rental area is in the very back corner of Skate Center Smyrna.   This area can be quite crowded.  Just be patient.   The process doesn’t take long.  The skates available to rent are modern roller skates in good condition.

The rink itself is a sunken rink with no handrails.  This kind of rink is pretty standard now but it is more difficult for a beginning skater.  They offer a ‘walker’ type contraption  to make it a bit easier.   The rink is large and even with lots of people skating there was plenty of room.   There are lots of fun lighting over the rink which is adjusted depending on the music.   The area on the right of the rink is just a narrow walkway lined with padded seating.

To the left of the rink is a larger area.   Here you will find a large section of lockers for your personal belongings.   There are two air hockey tables here plus a variety of arcade style games.

The games use quarters and there are two change machines available.  The games pay out in tickets.   There is a ticket eater machine that counts your tickets so you can redeem them for prizes at the Fun Stuff redemption area.

There are also about 10 of these small carpet covered things for seating.   Anyone know what these are called?   Ottomans?  Tuffetts?  I have no idea.

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Directly in front of the rink is the snack bar.   They sell the basics.   Nachos, pretzels, pizza,  hot dogs, soft drinks and icees.  There are 9 tables in the concession area and there is also a large circular area with a counter that looks directly onto the rink.   Four TVs are mounted facing the seating area for parents (dads) to enjoy.

There are 3 vending machines that sell drinks, snacks, sunglasses and socks. Yep. ..socks.

Skate Center Smyrna is a great escape no matter what the weather is like 🙂

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Skate Center Smyrna (Map)

Hours and Cost vary depending on Day/Time  – See  complete listing at this link

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