Cooter’s Place

Now – before you read any further – this post requires mood music. 😉 Make sure to push play on the You Tube video below and be prepared to relive your childhood.

Cooter’s Place is located in Music Valley across the street from the Opryland Hotel and next door to the Willie Nelson and Friends Museum. If you ever watched the Dukes of Hazzard this place is worth checking out and you can share the adventures of the Dukes and Boss Hogg with a new generation.

Especially if you bedroom looked like this:

Nashville Fun For Families - Cooters - bedroom

When you walk in there is a small gift shop with enough General Lee memorabilia to decorate your entire house and build a full wardrobe of orange. The fun is found in the back of the store in the FREE museum.

Did you have a life size cut out of Daisy in your corner? Or did you have these Underoos? (personally – I had Wonder Woman). You can show your kids all the fun of your childhood.

After you look at all the lunchboxes, underoos and costumes from the show venture into the back room where you will find a model of the town the Dukes lived in (please leave a comment if you remember the name….) as well Sheriff Roscoe’s car and parts from the General Lee.

If the cars bring back special memories you can have your picture taken in them for a small fee – you can even do it with your own camera! The General Lee is out front for the best light and angles. 🙂

Nashville Fun For Families - Cooters - pictures

After you share your childhood with your kids they can spend some time coloring the Dukes (Tamzin did 5 versions to ensure the Dukes were just right). And you can spend some time watching the show (which shows on CMT nightly – if your kids get hooked).

Next time you are in the Music Valley area make sure you stop by. You never know when you may see one of the actors – I understand they sometimes stop by.

Family Fun Facts

Cooter’s Place (Map)


Sunday – Thursday 8:30AM – 8PM

Friday & Saturday  8:30AM – 9PM

Cost: FREE

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