The Hermitage – Home of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson's The Hermitage

Have you been to the Hermitage lately? A lot has changed since my first visit as an out of town tourist in 2003. While I had a great time learning about the life of our 7th President, it certainly wasn’t geared toward kids. My next visit in the Spring of 2012, happened shortly after we …

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WIN Tickets to the 2017 Middle Tennessee Highland Games

Have you ever seen caber tossing or the hammer throw? Or listened to an entire group of bagpipes live? It’s definitely an experience! My Mother in Law lives in Scotland, so our family is intimately familiar with these and other Highland Games. Now, we have the opportunity to see all these Scottish traditions here at …

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American Heritage Chocolate Scones

Disclosure: This post was made possible by a partnership with American Heritage Chocolate.  When American Heritage Chocolate gave me their products and asked me to come up with a recipe, I hesitated.  Basically I’m not the greatest cook.  My family would say this statement is a colossal understatement!  But I do enjoy baking so I …

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American Heritage Chocolate and Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by American Heritage Chocolate but all opinions expressed here are my own. Recently I had the opportunity to join a press trip focusing on American Heritage Historic Chocolate products.  It was a fun weekend full of my favorite things – food and history!  Our first stop for the weekend was at Cracker Barrel in …

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Hermitage and Donelson Vacation Bible Schools

  Vacation Bible School is a summertime tradition for many families.  Here’s a list of ones we found scheduled in Hermitage and Donelson, TN.  If we missed yours or you live in another Middle Tennessee city, visit this link and leave your information so we can include it in our upcoming lists. Hermitage Hills Baptist (Map)  June 8 – …

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Hermitage Park and Recreation Center

  Looking for a beautiful park on the east side of town? Look no further than Hermitage Park which is conveniently located between the Hermitage branch library and the Hermitage Recreation Center. Bring a picnic and you have a whole morning or afternoon of fun in one stop. The park has a large play structure with slides …

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