Valentine’s Day Fun

For most of us, the passion and excitement surrounding Valentine’s Day has been replaced (temporarily!) with the busyness and dread of covering a shoebox with construction paper and taping 23 lollipops to Teenage Mutant Ninja cards.  

So yeah…Valentine’s Day may not hold the promise of a romantic weekend away. But there’s still plenty of opportunities to share some love and fun this Valentine’s Day.  Most of these events are family friendly.  A few are adults only in case some of you reserved a baby sitter  🙂

If all else fails…light some candles, turn down the lights and set the table with your best china (or paper plates – whatever). Share a pizza or some grilled cheese sandwiches with the family. If your kids are old enough, put them in charge of planning and serving a romantic meal for mom and dad.

Valentine’s Day Events in Nashville

There are no upcoming events.

Dinner Deals

  • Make reservations for a special meal with your BAE (bacon and eggs) at Waffle House. The dream of every Valentine’s couple is for a little candlelight, soft music, white tablecloths, and a chic atmosphere. So, for the thirteenth year in a row, over 160 Waffle House restaurants will deliver on that Valentine’s Day wish.
  • Get a heart shaped nugget or chicken mini tray at local Chick-Fil-A stores.
  • Stay home with your lovies and have a heart shaped pizza from Aldi. (This is for my mamas and papas who are tired and cheap – like me!!!)

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