Carnton Plantation

I read The Widow of the South several years ago and I’ve been looking forward to visiting Carnton (the setting of the novel) ever since. The History Carnton Plantation was built in 1826 by Randal McGavock.  He was the mayor of Nashville for one year in 1824 and was buddies with Andrew Jackson. The one thing …

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Monkey's Treehouse - cover

Take Your Preschooler to Monkey’s Treehouse

Have preschoolers that really need to get out of the house on a rainy day? Monkey’s Treehouse is a great solution. This indoor playground is geared toward younger kids – toddlers and preschoolers. Tamzin (2) loved it. Declan (8) is a bit too old. Monkey’s Treehouse is a wonderland of imaginative play opportunities. It has large …

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Chuck E. Cheese

Just hear me out. I know you’re probably thinking, “Every parent in creation knows more than they want to know about Chuck E. Cheese!”.  And, look, I understand.  But I learned one marvelous fact about Chuck E. Cheese several years ago that helped me big time.  It is a closely guarded mom secret, but I’m willing …

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