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Braingineers Lab classes in Mt Juliet, TN
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Braingineers Lab classes in Mt Juliet, TN
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Braingineers Lab classes in Mt Juliet, TN

Sumner Skate Zone closed permanently in September 2018.


Are you looking for a clean, modern place to take the kids roller skating?  If so, look no further than Sumner Skate Zone . Depending on your location, this rink could be a bit of a drive. It is located in Gallatin but it is very close to the Hendersonville city limits. It is also very near the interstate so factor that convenience into your decision about whether to visit. The rink is about an hour from my home in Mt Juliet and we visit all the time because my kids love the place. And, since skating is such an physical activity, all the kids usually fall asleep on the ride home which gives me 60 minutes of peace and quiet 🙂

The actual rink has no handrails but there is plenty of wall space on both sides for your beginner skater to hang on to. Take a look at the schedule before you go. They often offer a time just for beginners which would be a great way to get your child started without being intimidated.

The rink has three party rooms that accommodate about 14 kids each. The rooms are set up in such a way that they could be easily combined for a bigger party or group event. There is a full concession area plus about 15 tables within the area for snacking or relaxing. There is also a bar seating area which attaches directly to the rink if you want to keep a real close eye on your skating kids. A carpeted seating area surrounds both sides of the rink.

The restrooms are clean and easily accessible (even while wearing roller skates). Changing tables are also available.There are several arcade style games on one side of the rink. They pay out tickets and there is a small ticket redemption area near the concession stand.

Be sure to check their website before planning a trip.  Sumner Skate Zone offers lots of discounts and a variety of skating opportunities.  They also change their schedule based on school vacations and holidays so the site is a great resource for those “what the heck am I going to do with these kids on President’s Day?” type of situations.


Family Fun Facts

Sumner Skate Zone (Map)

Hours vary depending on season.  Full schedule can be found here.

Cost : Varies from $2 plus skate rental to $8.50 plus skate rental (Depends on day/time/etc)

About Rachel Kline

Rachel Kline
Rachel is a Middle Tennessee native, born and raised in the Nashville area and having lived in Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, and Mount Juliet. She is mom to 3, step mom to 4 and Grandma to one (so far!)

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