Ride the Train to see You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Braingineers Lab classes in Mt Juliet, TN
Braingineers Lab classes in Mt Juliet, TN
Ride the Train to see You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Ride the Train to see You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Braingineers Lab classes in Mt Juliet, TN

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No review that we have done so far has been as highly anticipated as Sky High Sports.  My kids were desperate to go.  (All of them – from age 14 to age 9).  And lots of our Facebook (and real life!) friends have been anxious to see if this place lived up to the ‘hoopla’.  It did and it didn’t. So hopefully this review will help you manage your expectations and enjoy a great trip to Sky High.

When you enter Sky High, the process can appear overwhelming. There are different kiosks throughout the lobby staffed by employees. It’s difficult to know where to start. Luckily, we showed up a few minutes early for our  reservation time so there was no line and one of the employees walked us through the process.  I had made the reservations online (you should too!). I had also printed out, filled in, and signed a waiver for all five kids. With all that done ahead of time, the actual check-in process took less than one minute.  Each of the kids was given a wristband  that is color coded to indicate the time frame that they would be allowed to jump.

There were other parents that were not as well prepared and ended up waiting a long time to get checked in which was frustrating for everyone in their group. Here are a few tips that might prevent issues.

1. Make sure you have a signed waiver for everyone in your group – especially if you have kids that are not yours. Even if the child has been to Sky High before it would be worth it to bring a fresh waiver in case the staff can’t find one on file.

2. If you have a Groupon/Amazon local deal you have to make reservations online. If something happens and you can’t come at your set time make sure to call and note who you talked to. I had a sick kid on the day we were originally going to visit so I was told I could come anytime and still use my deal. The problem is that once you make reservations it shows in Sky High’s system that your deal has been used (even if it hasn’t). Knowing who I talked to and getting management’s approval to come another time was key to a successful check in.

After you get checked in, you will have to wait for your scheduled jump time and then you will be ‘released’ into a jumpy wonderland.  The room is HUGE.  It is divided into two sides with a long wide walkway between.  The between area has some nice couches for no-jumping patrons, vending machines for drinks (trust me on this, you are gonna need drinks.  Jumping makes you THIRSTY!) lockers to hold your ‘stuff’ and a few small rides for the little kids.

The main level is also home to a large concession area with tables, couches and televisions. On the opposite end of the main level is a game room area.

All this stuff is great but let’s get real. Bring on the trampolines!!!

The trampoline rooms are elevated on either side of the building. Each side is separated into several smaller areas called ‘courts’. On one side there is a toddler court, a kid’s court (ages 8 and younger only) and a private court available for parties. When we first arrived we were the only ones with a little one so the toddler court was closed. I asked an employee about it and he very happily opened the area so we could jump and Tamzin could have fun and stay safe.

On the opposite side you will find the Foam Pit, a Dodgeball court and a huge open Trampoline room.

The Foam Pit is…well it’s a pit full of foam 🙂  This was definitely one of my kids’ favorite spots. This area is staffed by two employees. There are three lanes. The lanes consist of a narrow trampoline that you can run, jump, or whatever your way into the pit. Beware that depending on your size and upper body strength it can be difficult to pull yourself out. So be aware of your own physical capabilities before you fling yourself into this pit of fun! It is also a HUGE draw for toddlers.Tamzin wanted to just stay and play in the foam. Unfortunately, it is set up to jump into and then get out. We tried to stay on the trampolines after discovering she couldn’t bounce around in the foam cubes.

The Dodge Ball Court is also staffed by two employees.  It’s the standard dodge ball you remember from gym class BUT the game is played at Sky High in a very controlled manner.  The balls are quite small so no one is going to be injured in this game.  The floors and walls of this area are trampolines so that adds an element of awesome.  The employees only allow a certain number of players in the court at one time so be aware that you may have a bit of a wait if you want to play.

The last court is the massive trampoline room. The floor are trampolines. The walls are trampolines. What else could you possibly want?

There are benches outside of each court area for non jumpers or for a rest spot in between jumps. Although it looks like pure fun, jumping is an incredibly physical activity. We purchased two hours of jump time but, honestly, my kids were exhausted after 60 minutes. We took a lot of drink breaks and we did end up staying for the full two hours but that was due mainly to my insistence that we ‘get what we paid for!”

Sky High is set up in such a way that you can view the whole area from just about any point.  I wouldn’t suggest that you let your two year old wander around unaccompanied but you could feel pretty safe letting an older kid have a bit of freedom here. There is plenty of employee supervision in each court and, from what I witnessed on my visit, safety is their top priority.

Sky High Nashville is also now open for special needs kids on Tuesdays from 4 – 7 PM.  During this time, music is turned off, attendance is limited and other distractions are minimized in consideration of kids with sensory issues. Cost is $5 per child and a parent or therapist attends free

Family Fun Facts

Sky High Sports  (Map)

Hours :   Sunday  Noon – 8PM

Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday   11AM – 9PM

Friday 11AM – 11PM

Saturday 10AM – 11PM

Cost : $14 per hour  (lots of specials – check here before you go)

Prices and hours can vary depending on a variety of factors.  Call  (615)366-4252 or check the website before you go.

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Lauren is a transplant from Texas and has become a local tourist exploring the area with her two children. She loves to discover new places in Nashville to share with others.

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