ShareCrate: Love from a Distance through Food

Disclosure: Dream Dinners provided a ShareCrate so we could try it out and are providing another one so one of you can try it too!

If you have followed along on our adventures, you know I’m a Nashville transplant and most of my family is in Texas. So, when someone has a baby or is in the hospital I can’t provide a meal like I would have when I lived close. It’s one of the little things that I miss.

In hard times (and sometimes during some of life’s joys),  having dinner provided by a friend is a huge blessing. I have participated in several meal trains for friends locally, but when my Dad had surgery a few months ago I couldn’t provide anything to help out my Mom.

But, I now have a solution! ShareCrate, created by Dream Dinners, is a new option for those of us who live a distance away from family to provide a meal.

You simply order a crate online and it is delivered a few days later with everything that is needed for 3 full meals. The Crate come in 2 sizes; a medium crate has 2 -3 servings per meal and a large crate contains 4 – 6 servings.

All the meals arrive frozen so you can either put them in the  fridge to eat with in 3 to 5 days or you can freeze them for up to 3 months.

Dream Dinners sent us a ShareCrate so we could try out the meals. Cooking is more a necessity rather than a passion for me, so it was nice to find that each meal has everything you need to prepare quickly and easily.

We cooked all 3 meals at one time and had a 6 year old sous chef. There is a nice variety of meals, providing something for every palette.

Chicken florentine tortellini arrives in an oven safe container so all you have to do is turn on your oven, cover the dish with foil and bake on a cookie sheet. Add a quick bagged salad from the grocery store for a complete meal.

The orange chicken comes with rice and broccoli. Brown the chicken in skillet and then add the sauce. At the same time, cook the rice and roast the broccoli in the oven.

There are also meatballs in a tangy sesame glaze. Heat the meatballs in a skillet, add the sauce and simmer. Cook the rice and your done.

ShareCrate delivers from the East Coast through the Central Plains at the moment. I expect the West Coast will be added soon. You can check to see if your relatives are in the current delivery area HERE.

Lauren is a transplant from Texas and has become a local tourist exploring the area with her two children. She loves to discover new places in Nashville to share with others.

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