Nashville winter brings frigid temperatures and just to make things more miserable, some rain and ice. On a good year we get snow, which at least provides some entertainment. (can you tell this is NOT our favorite season?) Everyone is recovering from the holidays and just trying to stay warm. Events are few and far between, leaving us with few options to beat winter boredom.

But, never fear! Nashville Fun for Families has you covered with ideas for cheap (some are even free) things to do to get out of the house and have some fun! Read on for some new ideas (hopefully) for indoor fun to stay warm when the temperatures are low. 

Things to Do In Nashville in the Winter

Winter Indoor Fun 

It is hard being cooped up with kids in the cold. Here are some great places to visit in Nashville to run around and expend some energy.

Winter Events - Holidays and Celebrations

January and February are full of celebrations and holidays. Find events that you can attend with your family to celebrate.

Winter Travel Ideas

There are some great opportunities to enjoy the winter season within a few hours. Check out these places to visit during the Winter.