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** Monkey Joe’s in Nashville is now closed **

Monkey Joe’s is a great bounce house that has lots of perks for parents. We visited the Monkey Joe’s in Rivergate where there is free Wifi, 2 computer stations and 2 big screen TVs that are surrounded by comfy chairs, including 2 massage chairs that are operated by the minute.

All the bouncers are in one large room. It allowed my kids to go quickly from one to another, which was fun for them, but I had a hard time finding one place where I could sit and see the whole room. I kept losing Tamzin and having to search around to find her.

There are tables in the center area where you can see all the bouncers, but you can’t see the game area or the water fountains. This ended up being important – I found Tamzin giving herself a bath toward the end of our visit. 

Bouncy slides

There is a game area on the side of the room where you can play skeeball, and other games to collect tickets for prizes. Each game is a quarter per play. There is an ATM available if you need cash.


Food and Snacks

Monkey Joe’s does not allow outside food and has its own full snack bar. We had the Monkey Joe’s Special for $3.99 which included a piece of pizza, a small drink and either a small bag of chips or a full size candy. I had the wing bites which were pretty good.

Kids older than 12 are not allowed on the bouncers. Parents can get in with kids under 4 but only to help, not to jump. I did see some older boys racing through some of the jumpers, but the employees did ask them to get out so the smaller kids did not get run over. As the play area became more crowded one of the workers was stationed in the middle of the bouncers to supervise. She even had a whistle like a referee. 

Monkey Joe's Sanitizing

Sanitizing Details

The jumpers were very clean and Monkey Joe’s advertises their cleaning system which seems to work well. The bathrooms are nice and there is a changing table in the women’s large stall.

The staff said they do lots of birthday parties and Saturdays are especially crowded. We were there at opening on Sunday (noon) and the crowd was manageable until we left around 2:30 when 2 parties started. There are 4 party rooms available.

Monkey Joe's Party Room

Party Room

We had a great time – Tamzin has actually been chanting “Monkey Joe’s” all week. Just keep in mind if you have little ones you will need to be on your feet most of the time to keep an eye on them. If I had just gone with Declan (7) I could have relaxed and read the paper in a comfy chair. 

Family Fun Facts:

Monkey Joe’s Rivergate


About Lauren Breeze

Lauren Breeze
Lauren is a transplant from Texas and has become a local tourist exploring the area with her two children. She loves to discover new places in Nashville to share with others.

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