McNamara’s Irish Pub

Nashville – as everyone knows – is the home of country music. But there are other types of music to enjoy as well. Try spending a Sunday evening at McNamara’s Irish Pub for dinner and family music night.

McNamara’s was established in Donelson in 2010 and serves traditional Pub food including Sheppard’s Pie, Fish and chips and lamb on the weekends. If you are not the adventurous foodie you can order a great burger too. The kids’ menu has several choices and each cost $6 including a side and drink. It was recently named the #1 Irish Pub In The World By “Ireland of  The Welcomes”.

While the food is great, my kids’ favorite part is the music. Sunday evenings from 6 to 9 PM is a clean family show. Those of you that are familiar with Irish music know it can be a bit adult at times. On Sundays, Nosey Flynn keeps it upbeat, fun and clean. Your kids may even dance in the aisles. And if you come the first Sunday of the month there is a gentleman that will make balloon animals to enjoy as well.

McNamara's Irish Pub stage

If you want to join in the fun make sure you call ahead and make reservations in the music room. We typically reserve a table for 5:30 so we have time to order our drinks and dinner before the music begins. It’s loud, so keep that in mind if you have a little one that is sensitive to noise.

McNamara's Irish Pub dining room

Family Fun Facts

McNamara’s Irish Pub (Map)

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday    11 AM – 10 PM

Friday & Saturday  11 AM – Midnight

Sunday  11 AM – 10 PM

CLOSED On Monday

Music Wednesday – Sunday evenings.

Cost: Depends on your menu selections – adult plates range from $8 to $20 and kids’ plates are $5

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  1. we enjoy the atmasphere so much when we come to nasvile it’s THE PLACE we GO The food is excollent the waiit service is outstanding .


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