The Loveless Cafe

The Loveless Cafe is almost synonymous with Nashville. It is one of the places that really define the city – and it’s more than just a restaurant. Situated on the West side of the city, The Loveless Cafe is a destination for a morning or afternoon of fun. It is not uncommon to have an hour or two wait,  so be prepared. And sadly, you can’t make reservations. I’m sure you are wondering… “why would I want to take my kids somewhere to wait 2 hours for food?”  But remember,  The Loveless is much more than a restaurant and there is lots of stuff to do while you wait. If you are just interested in food, take a trip to the Loveless on a mid-week school holiday and avoid the weekend crowds.

After you park your car come back around to the front of the complex to put your name on the list and the staff will give you a pager. It will work throughout the entire grounds so you will be able to explore. There are multiple gift shops. Hams and Jams Country Market specializes in all things Loveless – T-shirts, postcards and take home goodies. You can buy biscuit mix and jam, bacon, and other specialty food items. You can also order BBQ by the pound or  a sandwich to go. You can also get a free cup of coffee to enjoy as you wander around.

Nashville Fun For Families - Loveless Cafe - Hams & Jams - This is where you can get food to take home (biscuit mix, etc.)

Don’t miss Lil’ Biscuits! This store has some great shirts for kids as well as some classic toys available for sale. Continue on to Shimai Pottery. Keep in mind there are some beautiful pieces of art here that may be very tempting to a toddler or preschooler. But an older kiddo might enjoy viewing the silk scarves and necklaces made of paper beads from Africa.

Still have time to kill? Check out the Jenga blocks available to borrow from Lil’ Biscuits or head back out to the front of the Cafe for a family corn hole tournament.

Once your pager goes off,  head back into the lobby where you will be seated. Here is just a preview of what is available – our group of 8 all had something different and everyone loved their meal!

After you order walk around the cafe – toward the back there are windows into the kitchen. You can watch the cooks prepare your food and there is a special area where you can watch those famous biscuits being made.

Let us know how your visit goes and what your favorite part was in the comments. Our favorite Loveless delicacy is the biscuits! See if you agree. 🙂

Family Fun Facts:

Loveless Cafe (Map)

Hours: Wednesday – Monday   8 AM to 8 PM

Cost: $12 to $20

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