Braingineers Lab classes in Mt Juliet, TN
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Braingineers Lab classes in Mt Juliet, TN
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Braingineers Lab classes in Mt Juliet, TN

** Goofballs closed their doors on May 12, 2018 – click here to find other indoor playgrounds in Nashville **

Tired of bounce houses and want something different? Take your kids to Goofballs in Franklin. Our guys had a great time! It’s a combination arcade, jump house and indoor playground – there is certainly something fun for everyone. There is even bowling (on 1/4 sized lanes) and bumper cars!

Each activity is priced separately so you can decide if you are just coming to play on the inflatable obstacle course, small playscape and playground room or if you want to part take in some of the arcade, ride and game offerings.

As you walk in, there is a seating area to your left with comfy sofas and a TV. There is free WiFi available so you can get some work done if needed. If you have older children I’m sure you could sit for several hours and relax while you kids play. You can not see the play area or arcade from here, but you can see the only entrance/ exit to ensure you kids stay in the building. Trust me though, they are not going to want to leave.

If you want to just come in and let your kids run around and play (skipping the rides and arcade) there is a large bouncy obstacle course and a toddler playground in the same room. Tamzin (2) was able to get into the obstacle course with help and enjoyed going through the front half and bouncing.  The ladder you have to climb to go down the big blue slides had steps that were too far apart for her short legs so she was not able to do the full run through. She did enjoy the toddler play area in the middle of the room. It is easy to see from the arcade area and the snack bar that served pizza and other goodies.

The best part for Declan (8) was the Jungle Blaster room. Located in the back of the arcade – behind the bouncy obstacle course – you will find boy heaven. Not only is there a HUGE playscape to run around and play chase. There are air powered “cannons” that fire soft green spongy balls. These cannons are positioned through out the play area allowing kids to break into teams and have battles. The only caveat is there has to be enough kids to play – so if you can, go with a group of friends. Parents can have coffee and the kids will have fun for hours and be completely tuckered out when its time to leave.

If you are able to spend more than the $5 open play fee then there are lots of other options. There is a large arcade area where games range from 30 cents to $2. You can earn tickets from the games and redeem for prizes. For $5 you can check out the bumper cars and $2 gets you a chance to try Laser Frenzy (for parents out there remember the laser scene with Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment? This is your chance to give it a try!). There is also a Wii station which is $3/ hour.

Tamzin’s favorite game was bowling. I have never seen a machine like this. For $2 you get 5 frames of bowling with bumpers on a 1/4 size lane. The balls were also small – the perfect size for a preschooler – but still fun for adults.

Goofballs - mini bowling

Next time you are looking for indoor fun consider spending the afternoon at Goofballs. You kids will thank you!

Family Fun Facts

Goofballs (Map)

Hours: Wednesdays -Saturday   10AM – 8PM

Sunday  12-6PM

Closed Monday and Tuesdays

*Also Open on Williamson County school holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas day. *

Cost: See price list above and make sure to watch for Amazon Local, Living Social or Groupon deals – they seem to have them on a regular basis.

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Lauren Breeze
Lauren is a transplant from Texas and has become a local tourist exploring the area with her two children. She loves to discover new places in Nashville to share with others.

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