Cornerstone Indoor Playground

One of the first places I learned about when we moved here is the indoor playscape at Cornerstone Church in Madison. It’s a hidden gem – and FREE! It’s great when your kids need to run off some energy when it is rainy or hot – especially little ones.

Parking and Directions to the Playground

The church recently completed renovations (Winter 2015) and moved the playscape to the other side of the building. As you drive into the main entrance facing the church turn to the right in the parking lot and find a space near the glass doors under the covered drive.

Cornerstone Indoor Playground - main enterance
Drive in the Main Entrance
Cornerstone Indoor Playground - Front Doors
Go in the Main Doors

Walk into the main lobby and look to your left. You can take the escalators you see to the new Cornerstone Kids area or if you have a stroller, there are elevators behind the main lobby welcome desk.

You can also walk toward the coffee shop, which is no longer open when the playground is open (see below) and the elevators are to the right.

Cornerstone Indoor Playground - Red Bicycle Cafe

Once you are upstairs, enter the Cornerstone Kids area and check in.

Cornerstone Indoor Playground

 From there you will find kid paradise – five levels of climbing fun! There is also a nice seating area for Moms. All ages are allowed to play in the large climbing structure, but an adult must be present at all times.

This photo was taken before the playscape was moved. While some of the equipment and mats were changed out and are different colors, it is the same configuration. If you need to rescue a scared child it is pretty accessible – there are some areas where you have to crawl, but the “stairs” are pretty easy to climb.

Cornerstone Indoor Playground - Inside

Play Area for Kids 3 and Under

Bathrooms and water fountains are available right across from the playscape. If you have a little one, there is a separate gated play area just for 3 years and younger. It is located next to the larger playscape and the two are separated by a wall of windows so you can play with your little ones and still see your bigger kids in the main play area.

This was from our first visit over two years ago – Tamzin thinks this place is so much fun I had to go in and get her – and we went through the same thing on this visit.

Cornerstone Indoor Playground - Playing Inside

Family Fun Facts (Updated 03/03/2021) 

Cornerstone Church (Map)

Hours: Currently closed due to Covid- but should re-open


Cost: FREE

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  1. The coffee shop in Cornerstone Asheville is no longer open during playground hours. Would you mind updating your website to reflect that?

  2. Looks like their playground hours have changed since publication. 😕 We just went and found it closed. The sign at the door says they’re open 9am-2pm Tuesday through Friday.


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