Take a Train Ride to See “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”

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Did you know that Nashville is home to a historic excursion train? The train departs from the Tennessee Central Railway Museum and offers more than twenty themed trips a year.

You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown Excursion Trip

This year, the Museum is providing a new experience. You can ride the train to the Capital Theater in Lebanon and see a live production of “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” and then ride the train back to the Museum. The cost of the theater ticket is included in the excursion.

Image provided by the Capital Theater, Lebanon, TN

This show was a Broadway hit in 1999 and has all of the Peanuts gang included. Check out this performance by Kristin Chenoweth to hear one of the songs from the show.

1999 Tony Performance

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Excursion Trip Date: March 7, 2020; boarding starts at 10:30 AM and the train departs at 11 AM.

Where to Catch the Train: The train will depart from 220 Willow Street, Nashville, TN 37210

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What is it Like to Ride the Train?

The excursion train is comprised of historic train cars primarily from the 1950s. Passengers have the option of several different types of seats. Coach passenger seats and seats at a table in a dining car are the most popular.

Passenger Coach Seats

There is also a dome car with seats elevated from the rest of the train and surrounded by a glass dome.

Dome Car Seats

These seats provide the best views on a train ride.

The trip to Lebanon, the destination for the Capital Theater, is thirty-two miles from the Museum and takes about an hour on the train each way. It is the perfect length for families with children who have never ridden a train.

The train does have bathrooms that can be used once the train departs. There are also snacks, drinks, and souvenirs for sale on board.

So, if you have a family of train enthusists, you may be wondering…

How Can You Get Tickets?

Tickets for the You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown Train Excursion are on sale now on the Tennessee Central Railway Museum’s website.

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We are excited to have the opportunity for one lucky reader to be able to win 4 tickets for coach passenger seats to ride the train on March 7, 2020 and see “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown”.

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  1. I’d love to ride trains around Europe for a year.
    🚞 🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃

  2. My dream train journey would be an overnight one. I think it would be so fun to have a room and sleep on the train! Definitely one out west.

  3. “Down by the station
    Early in the morning
    See the little pufferbellies
    All in a row
    See the station master
    Turn the little handle
    Chug chug puff puff
    Off they go” – Down by the station song.

    • My family had traintrack in the back yard..always dreamed of a trip on one but have never had the privilege to be able to actual go on one… this would be a dream come true to win and finally take my family on one!

  4. Would love to take my 2 granddaughter on this i can’t afford to take them meny place’s n they would love this n so would i

  5. I have ridden a train; when I lived in Chicago I would take public transportation (CTA) almost daily and take the metro to suburbs, Indiana, Wisconsin, etc to visit friends! I used to love it and miss it now. I hope my kids enjoy riding trains like I did when they are older. They have yet to ride a train (they are 4 and 1)


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