Castle of Chaos – Pigeon Forge

On our recent trip to Pigeon Forge we were absolutely amazed by all of the unique buildings that line both sides of the Parkway. However, none caught our attention quite like the massive castle at the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center! My kids knew immediately that this was somewhere we were going to want to check out!

The Hollywood Wax Museum

The Hollywood Wax Museum is in a separate building, and you can purchase a combo ticket to see all of the attractions or separate tickets for each. We have visited a wax museum in another town, so we opted to skip that and check out the Castle of Chaos and the Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors on this trip.

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors is an indoor mirror maze that will challenge even the adults in your group. Make your way to the end and you have successfully saved Princess Hannah! The colorful lighting and whimsical decor will make you feel like you’re in a Disney attraction!

The Castle of Chaos

The Castle of Chaos is a 5D Adventure Ride, and has recently gone through a bit of change in direction. Most of what I found online before we arrived was information about the ride before the relaunch, so this might be confusing if you visit their website to purchase tickets.

The ride used to have one option and it was a haunted house theme. They have since done away with that option and now offer 2 different experiences – Los Banditos: Robot Cowboys and Werewolves. If you’re unfamiliar with a 5D ride, I’ll try to explain it. Basically, it’s 2 rows of seats in front of a movie screen. You have a laser blaster attached to your seat and you will use it to shoot at things during the game. The seats rock and vibrate to make you feel fully immersed in the game. In all, it lasts less than 15 minutes, but it is so much fun!

Game Trailers:

Family Fun Facts

Castle of Chaos

Address:  106 Showplace Blvd. Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Phone: (865) 428-5228

Hours: Open 365 days/year

Ticket Prices: Vary based on combinations of attractions selected

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