Brushfire Pottery Studio

Brushfire Pottery Studio is located in the Hillsboro area of  Nashville, TN. This is a paint your own pottery place perfect for the entire family.

When you arrive the first step is to pick out your piece. Brushfire has many options. There is an entire selection of dinnerware. Plates, bowls and large serving pieces are priced between $15 and $65  depending on the size of the piece. There is a shelf full of kid friendly items such as figurines and banks in the shapes of animals and characters. Most of these items are priced between 10 and 20 dollars.

On the opposite wall is a large collection of varied pottery. There are flower pots, pet bowls, picture frames, mugs and glassware of various sizes and a large variety of seasonal items. We visited in September so there were plenty of pumpkins to paint 🙂 Most of these items are priced between 15 and 40 dollars.

Once you have chosen the item you want to paint, pick a table that will accommodate your party and get to work!  The studio is quite large and has plenty of tables so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a spot on even the busiest day. The first step in creating your pottery masterpiece is to wipe your item down using the sponges and water provided at each table. This removes any dust and gives you a clean piece to begin painting. The next step is picking the paint!   Brushfire studio had a large selection of paints to choose. They also provide cute little trays to hold your paint choices. They have sample pieces showing you just how the color will look on your finished piece. Behind the paint area you will also find a large supply of stencils and stamps to further beautify your signature pottery piece. Now you get to the fun part! Painting!

Take all the time you need to perfect your chosen piece.  There are drinks for sale and bathrooms available if you need them.

A word of caution for parents of very little ones.  All the unfinished pieces are at a level where toddlers could definitely reach them. This might be a place you want to let your boisterous toddler grow into.  But all kids are different of course. There was a 3 year old in the studio on the day we visited and she was perfectly behaved and was having a great time painting.  So just know your child and plan accordingly.

When your piece is done to your satisfaction take it to the check out desk. The employees will give you an invoice with the price of your piece plus the studio fee for each painter. They will also be able to let you know when your completed fired piece will be available for pick up.  Our pieces took around 7 days so keep that in mind if you are creating a gift or entertaining out of town guests.

Family Fun Facts

Brushfire Pottery Studio (Map)

Hours :  Monday – Thursday 11AM – 7PM    Friday 10AM – 8PM

Saturday   10AM-6PM  Closed on Sunday

Cost:  $7 Studio Fee plus the cost of your selected item

*Studio Fee includes the cost of paint, tools, clear glaze and firing

There are specials almost every day of the week.  Check their Calendar for details!

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