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** Bounce U Nashville is now permanently closed**

** Bounce U Murfreesboro is permanently closed**

Bounce U is a great place to go for some indoor family fun.  Bounce U offers locations in both Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN.  

We visited the Nashville location. I had checked the  website and planned our trip during an open jump time.  Make sure to reserve a spot for your child via the website if you can.  I had not done this prior to our visit.  The employee that checked us in said my kids could stay because they were not busy that particular morning but she did encourage us to reserve a spot in the future or call ahead if we were planning a trip on the spur of the moment.

The entry area contains a few benches, some arcade style games and several displays of merchandise for sale. If you have a bunch of ‘grabby’ toddlers with you, try to have all your paperwork done in advance so you can limit the time you have to spend in this tempting spot.

Bounce U has two bounce rooms. The first room contains three large inflatables. One is a large bounce room. One is an obstacle course. And one is a huge slide.  There is also an air hockey table in the back and a really cool t-ball inflatable. The tee blows continuous air to keep the ball floating and the kids can use foam noodle bats to hit it. This  room has one bench and 5 barstools for seating. On a busy day, I imagine it’s pretty difficult to find a place to sit.  There is also an open shelving spot to stow shoes and personal items.

The second room contains 4 inflatables.The very back of the room holds a huge bounce house set up for basketball play.  Each end contains 3 hoops and there are several balls available for play.The second inflatable is another obstacle course type setup. It’s different from the one in the first room.

This room also has a giant slide. This one might be tough for your teeny tiny so get ready to help ;).  To access the slide,  you must climb up an enormous tower. Each layer is made up of crisscrossed straps. Hannah and Ava are pretty athletic 9 year olds and they were barely able to make it to the top.  By the end of our session, they were able to get there.  And we did see some rambunctious boys no older than 5 who made it up with no problem…multiple times. So just know your kid and proceed accordingly.

There is a similar seating area for parents in the second room. This room also features a small basketball throw inflatable.

All of the inflatables at Bounce U are the same proprietary color scheme. So don’t expect Dora or your favorite Disney characters to be represented. Both rooms have water fountains. Trust me. Your kids will need them. Bouncing is thirsty business 🙂

Bounce U features two large party rooms with picnic table style seating.  They can accommodate parties with up to 25 children.  Party information can be found at this link.

Bathrooms at Bounce U are clean and accessible. Changing stations are available.

One of the things my kids like best at Bounce U is the large open space between inflatables in each room. They organized an intense game of hide and seek with several other kids they met there. Sometimes kids just need room to be kids. They get that and more at Bounce U.

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Rachel is a Middle Tennessee native, born and raised in the Nashville area and having lived in Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, and Mount Juliet. She is mom to 3, step mom to 4 and Grandma to one (so far!)

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