Ancient Lore Village Coming to Knoxville in 2020

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Tom Boyd, a Knoxville businessman announced yesterday that a new resort with more than 150 unique cottages and tree houses will be opening in Knoxville in 2020. The property will cover 40 acres and also have a 150 seat restaurant, a 500 person meeting and event center, and a 1,000 seat outdoor amphitheater.

Named, “Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow,” the resort is based on a book that Boyd wrote, “The Bobbins – Outcasts to the Inner Earth.” This fantasy world has people from all cultures and places, no negativity, who live and work together in harmony.

According to Business Wire: 

The new themed resort features 100 homes designed to look exactly like the various dwellings in the book. Guests can stay in one of the unique homes that include grass roofs, decorative exteriors, and fully furnished interiors reminiscent of a fantasy world.

In addition to the homes that form Ancient Lore Village, there are 50 treehouses where guests can choose between one, two and three-bedroom units with balconies overlooking the village in the valley. There are also three luxury units with five bedrooms each – called “Bobbin Homes” – that have balconies overlooking the entire property.

According to Boyd, Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow® will include miles of walking trails connecting all homes and event areas on the property. The elaborate landscaping, water features and stone walls on the property have an “ancient age” look. Employees will be dressed in costumes as characters from the book and a gift shop and Artisan Center will allow local artists to demonstrate their craftsmanship and sell products.

The village is designed around a central valley with a “magic tree” and sheep pasture. There will be daily events such as sheep herding with dogs, concerts, plays, Halloween parties, a Christmas lighted valley and other activities for guests. Every evening the valley will come to life with fireflies projected across the property.

Get more information about Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow here: www.AncientLoreVillage.com

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