Tennessee Titans and LP Field

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LP Field - End Zone 1 - Nashville Fun For Families

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Founded by Bud Adams, one of the founding fathers of the American Football League in 1959, the Tennessee Titans moved to Nashville from Houston in 1997. For the first two years the team operated as the Tennessee Oilers. In 1999, the team changed names to the Tennessee Titans which brought the relocated team its most recent AFC Championship and appearance in Super Bowl XXXIV.

If you didn’t live in Nashville prior to 1997,  you cannot imagine how much excitement the Titan’s arrival created.  Tennessee was definitely home to some die hard college football fans (still is!) but having a professional team in our hometown just gave us something that we could all root for together.  And after the Music City Miracle and the Super Bowl appearance, you would have been hard pressed to find a Nashville resident that did not consider themselves to be a die hard Titans fan.

We had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes look at LP Field. Our first stop was the Owner’s Suite. It would be hard to decide who was more impressed by this suite, our kids or our husbands!  The room has the most spectacular view of LP field.  There are stadium seats positioned in front of the bank of windows plus a bar for food and drinks.  We probably will never get to see a game in this awesome suite but it was a lot of fun to pretend.

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After enjoying the amazing views of the field we ventured down to the locker rooms. The locker rooms at the stadium are functional rather than luxurious (but the are amazingly nice!). There are 53 – one for each player on the roster for a game.  I like to imagine some intense half time pep talks going on in this room.  It felt like a huge space but I’m guessing it’s a lot more cozy when filled with 53 NFL players plus coaches and staff.

Then we got to trace the steps of the team from the locker room to the field entrance. I have to say – LP Field is BIG but standing on the field I didn’t feel overwhelmed.  This also gave us a chance to see just how many things go on behind the scenes.  The loading docks, concession and media set up areas remind you of how many different elements it takes to put on a professional football game.

LP Field - The Field - Nashville Fun For Families

Our final stop was at the top of the stadium. There are still great views of the field and we got to check out the new chair covers that are available for season ticket holders. You also get a great view of downtown!  It was nice to see that even the very top seats at LP Field have a fantastic view of the playing field and our beautiful skyline.

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Tennessee Titans and LP Field
Our tour of LP Field including the owner's suite and locker rooms. Pictures, history and special ticket deals included for the 2014 season.


  1. Nickie Morris says

    I would love my husband to be able to take his 83 yr.old father to a Titans game. My father inlaw loves football. GO TITANS

  2. Alison Owen says

    I’ve never been to a Titans game, so my favorite memory would just be watching at home with friends. I’d love to win this for my husband who hasn’t been in a number of years and for our son who hasn’t been to a professional sports game yet!

  3. Angie says

    My son would love a chance to see the titans in person. I’m a single mom of two and I try to let my kids try everything in Nashville.

  4. S Leek says

    I’m fairly new to the area and am enjoying taking in the activities that are offered in Nashville. Getting to go to a Titan’s game would just be the all-time topper!! I’ve been a Titan’s fan since the days of former player Steve McNair, always supporting a hometown favorite! So, I’m ready to go Blue with the TITANS! And I’ll cross that one off my bucket list…Woo-woo…let’s make it happen!

  5. Glenda Clay says

    The first time I actually got to sit down and watch a game…I worked with the MTA for 3 seasons and although we got in the game, we couldn’t sit down!!!!

  6. Heather Farris says

    My favorite memory was when the Blue Angels did a fly over across the stadium when da Bears were in town to play Titans! what a beautiful sight!!

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